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Having Fun, Staying Fit and Being the Best you Can Be

Massage is often an extremely important part of a good maintenance routine for Agility, Canicross, Flyball and other Sporting and Show dogs.

Regular massage encourages all round flexibility, and enhances elasticity and suppleness of the muscles.  It will also mean that your therapist has chance to recognise muscular and soft tissue injuries and issues including  STRAINS and SPRAINS that will affect how and when you train and compete and give your dog the optimum chance of recovery.

Massage post event for Agility, Sporting and Show dogs can lower cortisol levels.  Adrenalin is a hormone that often gets bad press but it also a useful neurotransmitter for dogs that need to perform and it doesn’t stay in the body.  Adrenalin production is stimulated when the fight or flight reflex is triggered e.g when getting ready for competition or simply sighting a squirrel that needs to be chased!

It is cortisol that is the potentially damaging hormone that builds up in dogs that are under stress in new and sometimes highly charged environments. So, for example if you are away with your dog either competing or showing or training in several different venues around the country week after week then cortisol can build up.  By having regular post event massages this build up can be managed.

I am running day workshops shortly for owners to learn simple routines for both Pre and Post Event Massage for the Agility & Sporting Dog and Beginners Guide to Canine Massage.  See the Workshops tab for details and dates

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