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Hi! I am Claire Kirton and I live in Higham, North East Derbyshire where I have my clinic. I am owned by two Jack Russell Terriers, litter sisters called Lindy and Poppy and a spoilt black and white cat called Fred.

 I participate in a little bit of “fun” Hoopers with Lindy when I can. We just have a bit of fun to be honest😄

Poppy is a bit too impatient for Hoopers, but is VERY LOUD and therefore on security duty when at home!


I trained for 2 years with the amazing lady Natalie Lenton, who runs and is the main tutor for the Canine Massage Therapy Centre.  This involved over 1200 hours of study including advanced anatomy and physiology of the canine skeletal and muscular system, plus lots of hands on guided study and case studies.

I have returned regularly to the Centre in order to learn more advanced techniques such as :

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue Massage, Facilitated Stretching and Ventral Aspect Massage


As a member of the Canine Massage Guild, which is a network of ethical clinical canine massage practitioners, I’m committed to a MINIMUM of 25 hours CPD (Continuing Professional Development) every year.  I’ve actually clocked up approximately 200 hours so far………

Just some of the things I have done in addition to advanced canine bodywork with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre,  include Reiki (level 2), Canine First Aid, Foundation course in Canine Conditioning, and I am now licenced to deliver one day workshops in Pre and Post Massage for the Agility and Sporting Dog and Beginners Guide to Canine Massage to dog owners like yourselves.


I like to get out and about in Summer at various local shows where I am available to give your dog FREE muscular health checks.


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