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 Clinical Canine Massage is a complementary and holistic therapy that can provide drug-free pain relief and improved mobility for dogs with soft tissue injuries e.g strains and sprains, and those with orthopaedic conditions, e.g. Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia.

Benefits are commonly seen within 1 – 3 sessions.

It is often used as part of a maintenance routine for agility, sporting and working dogs to keep them competitive and fit and maintain or even improve their performance.

Many of my senior clients come for regular visits because dogs, just like us humans that can move easier often stay healthier and happier for longer thus helping to prolong their quality of life into old age.

I use 4 types of massage, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and specially adapted Myofascial Release  called the Lenton (TM) method to deliver a non-invasive, remedial treatment designed to relieve painful and debilitating trigger points (commonly referred to as “knots”), strains and other injuries. It speeds up rehabilitation post surgery, improves flexibility, and generally benefits the overall mobility and well-being of your dog.

If you aren’t sure if it may help your dog,  download the “What is my dog telling me? guide”  (THE  5 PRINCIPLES) here and contact me for a FREE, no-obligation muscular health check!

N.B. I will only work with Veterinary Consent in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemptions order 2015 (click to here to download a PDF of the consent form)

Clinical Trials!! I’m privileged to be a contributor to the FIRST EVER Clinical Trials of this type of Massage.  The results of the double-blind trials conducted by Winchester University and Sparsholt College will be out next year now due to Covid-19 so keep an eye on here and social media for updates……I think I can predict the results!!


The initial treatment begins with me having a consultation with you and asking questions about their activities of daily living, exercise routine etc and assessing your dog. I look at their gait (how they move) and posture (how they sit and stand). I will also palpate your dog, i.e. use my hands to feel and “see” what their muscles feel like. I feel for variations in Temperature, Tension, Texture and observe signs of Tenderness (the 4 “T”s) And also how their FASCIA is ( an often overlooked soft tissue that is extremely important to your dogs muscular health). Often the muscles will not “let go/ relax” on the first session so sometimes more is revealed in sessions 2 and 3.

The first session lasts approximately 1.5 hrs, the massage itself being approximately 45 to 60 mins and costs £38

Follow on sessions are approximately 45 to 60 mins and cost £35

I have a dedicated clinic space in Higham near Alfreton (Junction 28 M1) where I usually like to treat my patients.  I can come to your home though if necessary.  I may make a small charge for travel expenses over 12 miles from my clinic.

I work best practice by not block booking sessions, all dogs are different, just like us so the efficacy of the treatment for YOUR dog is assessed session by session.


The reason I need Vet consent is because I work within the law as regards complementary treatments for dogs. It may be that the Vet has knowledge of a condition that your dog has that may be a contraindication for massage in which case I wouldn’t treat your dog. Download a Vet Consent Form here.


If your vet is interested in learning more about Clinical Canine Massage Therapy please refer them to the IVCI  Integrated Veterinary Care Initiative on the Canine Massage Guild website

I will be happy to provide vets with an IVCI pack and  I am also available for Lunch n Learns with local vets. These can count towards CPD hours for Vets and Vet Nurses.


Excellent service and brilliant results. Claire was kind, gentle and thorough. She listened to my description of problems and didn’t rush me. She spent time getting to know my Whippet, Lottie putting her and me at ease. Although the treatment involved identifying sore areas she never hurt Lottie. I would recommend her and definitely use her again

Anne & Lottie



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30 New Street Higham Alfreton United Kingdom DE55 6BP


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